I’m not just looking for an rp partner, I’m looking for someone who doesn’t just want to be a partner but wants to be friends as well. We’d talk about things other than the plot and they’d obsess about a ship as much as I know I will. We’d stay up all night because we just wouldn’t want to stop replying and everything would just be so fluffy and perfect. 

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People say Tumblr is a waste of time. I disagree. In 20 years, I’m going to be able to sit down with my husband, type in my old Tumblr URL and say, “Baby, this is who I was at 18. It’s all the things that made me laugh, smile and cry. It’s the recipes I wanted to try, the quotes that I abided by and believed in. It’s all of the new things that I wanted to do someday. It’s the struggles I made it through. It’s the hurricane of 2011 and my letter to you about how I wish you were there. This is ME.” So Tumblr? Not a waste of time. It’s an investment in a memory. Because, tell me: Do you think you’re going to remember all of the little things that make you tick now, then? You won’t, I promise…But me? I will.  

Zerrie being the cutest couple ever, again. (x)



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closing a 3-ring binder clasp on your finger



And our theme makeover is done! Weee!

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  • How To: Play a Character Under the Influence of Marijuana (Or in laymen’s terms. How to Play a Stoned Character)
  • Note: This is an absolutely serious guide, even if it may seem a little jokey at times. 

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Anonymous asked: Can you make a manip of dylan obrien and ashley benson? And than a manip of ashley benson and joey graceffa

Done! xx

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